The electricity survey results of house 2 have been updated with the latest the electrical section.The main focus this year is to replaced the majority of the CFL lamps with LED ones. We have decided that although this can not always be justified on cost grounds we will gain experience with using a wider variety of bulbs which will benefit the information we publish on the web site. There are now a wide range of LED bulbs available however experience has shown that some of them are not suitable for general use and that bulbs of a similar specification can give very dofferent results. We will publish the details as the medium to long term results become available.

The electricity survey results of house 1 have been tidied up and the electrical section. While following the simple tips will save money, to achieve the biggest saving a structured and logical approach is best. The process we went through is shown below. The individual stages are covered in more detail in the survey and review pages and details of the savings in the Results pages.

Step 1:Carry out a survey of electricity use in the whole house
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Step 2:Review the survey results to identify the simple zero cost things that can be done
Usually switching things off after user or not leaving items on standby.
Step 3:Implement the simple zero cost things that can be done
Checking to see the savings are as expected.
Step 4:Review all the high usage items in the survey to look for savings
Step 5:Implement the savings identified in step 4 above in manageable stages
Start with the simple things such as fitting time switches or low energy light bulbs. Checking to see the savings are as expected.
Step 6:Decide what to do about the rest
Of the items left either decide there is noting that can be done, wait until it needs replacing or investigate what is practical.
Step 7:Repeat the process learning from mistakes
Step 8:Keep the information up to date by carrying out a regular review to see what has changed
Between eighteen months and two years seems about right.
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The electricity survey result of house 2 have been tidied up and the electrical section. Practical Home Energy Saving is all about the practical aspects of home energy saving with the emphasis on saving money and energy at the same time as helping the environment. A lot of the tips in these pages are simple and can be implemented for little or no cost. Often it is the simple things that give the greatest energy savings and in a lot of cases anyone can do them. To achieve the maximum energy savings with minimal effect on your lifestyle the subject of saving money and energy needs to be approached in a logical way, however significant savings can be obtained just from following the simple tips or the room by room tips in each section without spending large sums of money. It is important to get all members of the household involved if you want to maximise the benefits.